Youtube Vanced APK No Ads Download Latest Version 2023 for Android

YouTube Vanced is revamped version app that brings a totally new Youtube experience. It comes with a set of unique features that are missing in the original app. This unique creation offers a dark theme, ad-blocking capabilities, background playback, and much more. Hence it enhances the viewing experience for Youtube lovers.

Enjoy the world of Youtube videos without interruption of any commercial ads or popups. The app offers background video play in a frenzy. Users can go with background video play even when the app is minimized or the screen is turned off. This background play empowers multitasking while enjoying music or other videos. Moreover, its customization options and amazing features make it a perfect entertainment blend.

Youtube Vanced APK

YouTube Vanced APK is a revolutionary app that unlocks a whole new level of YouTube exploration. This modified revanced Apk file brings tons of exciting features for Youtube enthusiasts. Users can enjoy features like ad blocking, background playback, and theme customization. It allows users to enjoy uninterrupted video streaming, even when the screen is off. They can also enjoy Youtube videos while using other apps with the playback feature of this app.

App NameYouTube Vanced (Fixed)
Size126 MB
Latest Versionv18.21.34
Requires6.0 and Up
DeveloperTeam Vanced

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Features of YouTube Vanced

Unlocking the Full Potential of Video Streaming with this rejigged version App. Dive into the endless world of Youtube entertainment with a new approach. Let’s find out what this revanced version offers for its users.

Dark Mode

Experience YouTube in a whole new light with the sleek and eye-friendly dark theme. This theme is perfect for late-night browsing & video streaming on Youtube. Usually, there is only one traditional theme of YT in red color. Users have to stick with that single traditional color. But at night, this color becomes eye teasing. But with the vanced version, you can switch to a dark theme at night.

Ad Blocking

Say goodbye to pesky advertisements interrupting your video enjoyment. There are plenty of ads in almost every single video on Youtube. Hence, you have to watch an advertisement unwillingly to reach any video. But now, the Revanced version of YT eliminates all sorts of ads & providing uninterrupted entertainment.

Background Playback

Keep the videos rolling even when you switch apps or lock your device. This is what this rejigged version can do but the official version can’t. In a traditional YT official app, you have to stick to the app and can’t minimize it. If you minimize the app then your video will be stopped. But this app is totally contrary to the official app in this regard. It allows you to not just minimize but also turn off the mobile screen. But it will keep playing your video in the playback for non-stop entertainment.

Picture-in-Picture(PiP) Mode

This is a thrilling innovation for a new & advanced video-watching experience. This feature allows users to watch any video in a floating small size window. You can drag this window to any portion of your mobile screen. Moreover, you can control the video play as it allows you to pause/resume the video. You can also switch to the next/previous video and can also maximize this window to full screen. 

Customization Options

Your App, your choice. Make your app according to your preferences. Get dozens of themes with many customization options for Youtube. These themes have different colors, layouts, and icons. But the core face of the app remains the same for convenient use and easy navigation.

Video Downloading

The official app of Youtube does not support any content download. Therefore users have to manage a few additional apps for downloading video or audio content from Youtube. But this app allows users to download videos directly to share with others or watch offline. This app with downloading features is perfect for those long commutes or times without an internet connection.

Audio-Only Mode

The app offers an Audio-only feature which is helpful to save internet data. You can enjoy audio-only playback in the background & foreground. This asset is especially ideal for listening to podcasts, music, or interviews.

Video Resolution of Your Choice

Youtube Vanced App offers a wide range of available resolutions to choose from. You can set your preferred video resolution according to your device support & data plan. The app supports 240p low-quality to HD high-quality resolutions.

Repeat Video

Loop your favorite videos seamlessly, allowing for endless enjoyment of your most-loved content. The Loop feature allows users to enjoy a single video repeatedly until they change it by themselves. However, this function is common in both official and Revanced versions.

Auto Repeat

Automatically repeat videos from your playlist or watch history, eliminating the need to manually restart playback. It helps you to create different playlists and set them on repeat to enjoy desired videos on specific occasions.

Speed Control

Adjust the playback speed of videos, allowing you to watch content at a faster or slower pace. With this feature, you can slow down the video pace to 0.25x or enhance the video pace to 2X.

Skip Intro/Outro

Skip intros and outros of different videos with ease. This skip feature helps to save time and get to the main content quickly.

Background Audio Playback

Background Audio Playback feature allows multitasking while enjoying YT videos in the background. Moreover, you can also enjoy background video play even if your device screen is off and the app is minimized.

Video Casting

This is one of the official features of Youtube and is also offered by this Revanced App. This casting feature helps you to cast videos on a smart TV for a larger screen experience. Moreover, you can also cast your streaming of this video on other streaming devices as well.

Gesture Controls

Navigate through videos with ease using intuitive gesture controls. With this simple & fast control panel, you can rewind, forward, or pause the ongoing video. Moreover, the next or previous video is also just a tap away as you can switch the next/previous video with a tap.

Default Playback Quality

Set your preferred default video quality to ensure a consistent experience every time you watch a video. It means you don’t have to set video quality all the time.

Video Descriptions

This Vanced version offers a long tail video description. Creators can add links, additional information, and much more in descriptions. Moreover, users of this version can read full video descriptions to get additional info about the video.

Mute Audio on Start

This feature will start every video without sound. The video sound will be muted automatically at the start of the video if this feature is enabled. This asset becomes a lot more useful when you wanna watch video silently. Moreover, this feature can be enabled/disabled from the settings at any time.

Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode is quite popular in Chrome and some other browsers & social media platforms. Now it is in high demand by Youtube users as well. For the first time, this Vanced App is offering this mode for Youtube. So, browse YouTube privately without leaving any traces in your watch history or search suggestions.

Enhanced Privacy and Security

This app offers additional privacy and security layers for its users. Users can take advantage of pro security features. These features include the prevention of data collection, disabling tracking, and many others.

YouTube Vanced
YouTube Vanced

Top 5 Alternatives to YouTube Vanced


Newpipe is an open-source YouTube client that brings many exciting assets. It offers ad-free playback, background playback, and video downloading. Moreover, it offers simple UI & easy navigation for seamless video entertainment.


Known for its high-quality content and artist-friendly approach. Vimeo provides an ad-free environment and a platform for creators to showcase their work. This app is mainly focused on creativity and professional videos and is perfect for video creators. Still, it is pretty much for entertainment & streaming lovers.


Dailymotion offers tons of video content but its content includes ads. Moreover, it does not support video download & video playback features. However, its paid version offers an ad-free experience and also allows one to watch Dailymotion videos offline.


This is also a video entertainment platform, primarily known as a live-streaming platform for gaming. But now Twitch has expanded its content & covers a wide range of content categories. Now it offers entertainment videos, music, art, and talk shows.


For music enthusiasts, Vevo stands as a top alternative to YouTube Vanced. It specializes in official music videos, live performances, and artist interviews. It has a simple UI and is primarily designed for music content. But now with users demand, it has expanded its content over many categories.

YouTube vs YouTube Vanced

Exploring the Differences and Enhancements


  • Owned by Google, ensuring stability and reliability.
  • The massive user base of over 2 billion monthly logged-in users.
  • Diverse content library: music, tutorials, vlogs, documentaries, and more.
  • Live streaming capability for events, concerts, gaming sessions, and more.
  • Detailed analytics for content creators to track performance and understand the audience.
  • Monetization options like ads, channel memberships, and Super Chat for revenue generation.
  • Community features: comments, likes, and subscriptions foster interaction and community building.
  • User-friendly mobile app & is available on Android and iOS platforms.
  • YouTube Kids app provides curated, safer content for children.
  • Accessibility options like closed captions, subtitles, and translations are available.

YouTube Vanced

  • Ad-blocking feature for uninterrupted video watching.
  • Background playback enables multitasking and continues video playback with the screen off.
  • PiP mode supports floating video windows while using other apps.
  • Dark mode reduces eye strain and provides a visually appealing interface.
  • Override video resolution to select a preferred streaming quality.
  • Gesture controls for volume, brightness, and seeking on the screen.
  • Customizable background playback settings: resolution, repeat mode, and autoplay.
  • Multiple built-in themes and color options for personalization.
  • Audio-only mode for data-saving or audio-focused listening.
  • No need for a YouTube Premium subscription, offering enhanced features for free.

Errors & Solutions

Installation/Parsing Error

Solution: Uninstall the previous version if you already have an old version. Now allow mandatory installation/parsing permissions. Get the latest vanced version from this page and try to install it.

MicroG stopping/Not Working Error

Solution: Uninstall both YouTube Vanced and MicroG, then reinstall the latest versions of both apps from reliable sources. Make sure to grant all necessary permissions to MicroG for seamless functionality.

Login Error

Solution: Clear app cache and data for both your Vanced App and MicroG. Then try signing in again to both apps. Make sure you are using the correct credentials (User & password) to login into the app.

Playback Error

Solution: Go with a stable Network connection to avoid this error. Try switching to a different network provider or even a different network. Go for resetting your Wi-Fi/router or cellular data. Clear the app cache, restart the app, or even go on to reboot your device.

Black Screen/FreezingSolution:

Close and reopen the app to see if the issue resolves. Clean the cache of the app from the device setting and ensure sufficient storage space. Moreover, update the app to the latest version or go to reinstall it.

Youtube Vanced Download

To download Vanced version, you don’t have to go to the play store or any other app store. Because it is not there and you have to look for a reliable website on your browser. Well, this page is perfect when it comes to reliability. Because we have offered the latest version of the Vanced app which is 100% safe after testing many times. Tap the “Download” button and get vanced latest version app.

How to Install Youtube Vanced

After Downloading, head to the preinstallation steps which are nothing more than some mandatory permissions. So go to allow this permission in Settings of your device. Once all the required permissions are granted, you are all set to install the vanced App. Install it, launch it, and try a unique Youtube experience according to your preferences.


YouTube Vanced brings all the core features of Youtube & many additional features. It offers free video downloads for Youtube videos & music. All ads are blocked and you will never get interrupted with this app. Moreover, it caters to tons of customization options with themes and much more. It allows video download, speed control, and video playback options. Gesture controls and simple UI make navigating and finding the desired content quite easy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is YouTube Vanced safe?

This rejigged version of the app with additional features is generally safe. But it’s crucial to download it from reputable sources. This website is a trusted source for you and has a safe vanced version file for free download.

Why YouTube Vanced is not working?

YouTube Vanced may encounter issues due to various factors, such as outdated versions, conflicting apps, or changes made by YouTube that affect its compatibility. Try clearing the app cache, updating to the latest version, or reinstalling it to resolve common issues. Consulting online forums or the official YouTube Vanced community can provide further troubleshooting assistance.

What happened to YouTube Vanced?

YouTube Vanced is still available and actively maintained by its developers. However, it’s worth noting that YouTube continuously updates its platform, which may occasionally cause temporary disruptions in the functionality of third-party apps like YouTube Vanced. Developments’ Regular updates aim to address these issues and provide users with an improved experience.

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